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As a new initiative - I am writing up blog posts on some of the papers.

Paper #55 - Comment Articles, are they worth it?

Paper #50 - Twinning in Ti

Paper #49 - Slip activation and fatigue on Ni


P5. J L R Hickey, S Rouland & T B Britton - Heterogeneous local plastic deformation revealed using in-situ tensile testing and high angular resolution electron backscatter diffraction

P2. Vivian Tong, Euan Wielewski, Ben Britton Characterisation of slip and twinning in high rate deformed zirconium with electron backscatter diffraction

In Press

63. Thomas Benjamin Britton, Vivian Tong, Jim Hikey, Alex Foden, and Angus Wilkinson "AstroEBSD: exploring new space in pattern indexing with methods launched from an astronomical approach" accepted for publication in IUCr


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Supplementary code can be found here

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Conference Publications

9. Britton, T.B.B, and Hickey, J.L.R. Understanding deformation with high angular resolution electron backscatter diffraction (HR-EBSD) Accepted for publication in IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering

8. Jiang, J., Zhang, T., Dunne, F.P.E. and Britton, B. The Power of Correlative Microscopy–Understanding Deformation Compatibility with HR-EBSD and HR-DIC microscopy & microanalysis

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Pre-print on ArXiv

6. Rounthwaite, N.J., Williams, R., McGivery, Jiang, J., Giuliani, F. and Britton, T.B. A Chemical and Morphological Study of Diesel Injector Nozzle Deposits - Insights into their Formation and Growth Mechanisms SAE International (2017)

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1. High angular resolution electron backscatter diffraction: measurement of strain in functional and structural materials 
Ben Britton, Ian Holton, Graham Meaden and David Dingley


An iron EBSD data set has been released here by Jim and Ben.