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Former Group Members

 Dr Terry (Tea-Sung) Jun

 DPhil Oxford

 Post Doctoral Research Associate (HexMat)

 Terry focuses on understanding the mechanical response of titanium alloys under a range of time and lengthscales. His particular interest is in understand rate sensitive behaviour in Ti-6A-2Sn-4Zr-XMo alloys, where 2Mo shows significant dwell sensitivity and 6Mo does not. This is complemented by a wide range of collaborative work utilising crystal plasticity finite element modelling, very high rate (impact) testing, strain rate nanoindentation, and transmission EBSD.
 Co-supervisor(s): Professor Fionn Dunne
 Research Expertise: Micromechanical testing; microstructural characterisation; titanium alloys; residual stress.
 Further links: Research Project Page
 Engineering Alloys Group
 Contact: Email: t.jun@imperial
 Current Activity (03/10/2016) Assistant Professor Incheon National University (South Korea)


 Dr Jun Jiang

 DPhil Oxford

Post Doctoral Research Associate

 Jun focuses on understanding microstructural and residual stress  relationships in engineering alloys, principally Ni superalloys for aerospace applications. He has been developing a range of advanced characterisation  approaches including digital image correlation and electron backscatter diffraction to reveal heterogeneous deformation. This has been targeted  towards understanding fatigue crack initiation and significantly improve our prediction of component life in real aeroengine components.

Research ExpertiseHigh resolution electron backscatter diffraction (HR-EBSD); high resolution digital image correlation (HR-DIC); mechanical testing; crystal plasticity modelling.

 Co-supervisor(s):Professor 'BFionn Dunne
 Further links:Research Project Page
Engineering Alloys Group
 Contact Email: jun.jiang@imperial
Twitter: @Jun_Crystalline
 Current Activity (21/04/2016) Research fellow in Mechanics of Materials at Imperial College