Dr Ben Britton

 CSci, CEng, FIMMM, DPhil Oxford (2010), MEng Oxford (2007)

 Senior Lecturer / RAEng Research Fellow

 Course Director, MSc in Nuclear Engineering

 Ben focuses on getting to the bottom of the strength - property - performance relationship of real alloys used in high value engineering applications such as nuclear power, aerospace, and oil & gas applications. He combines a range of appropriate techniques, such as digital image correlation, electron backscatter diffraction and micro-mechanical testing to understand processes such as fatigue crack initiation, plastic deformation and microstructural evolution in metallic and metallic / ceramic materials.
 Research Expertise: Electron backscatter diffraction; digital image correlation; micromechanical testing; microstructural characterisation; crystal plasticity modelling.
 Teaching MSE 104 Deformation and Strength - Dislocations
 MSE 414 Nuclear Materials - Zirconium
 PG Electron Microscopy - Scanning Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersion X-ray analysis,  Electron Backscatter Diffraction and Focussed Ion Beam
 Further links: Imperial People Page

 Engineering Alloys Group
 Center for Nuclear Engineering
 Rolls-Royce Nuclear UTC
 Contact: Email: b.britton@imperial
 Telephone: +44 (0) 207 594 2634
 Twitter: @BMatB

Post Doctoral Researchers:

Vivian Photo

Vivian Tong

MEng Oxford, PhD Imperial

Post Doctoral Research Associate - Imperial Innovations/HEIF funding, HexMat funding, and BIAM Funding

Vivian focuses on understanding and characterising hexagonal metals as part of the HexMat programme grant. She is developing new EBSD techniques micromechanical characterisation methods..

Vivian completed her PhD in the group studying zirconium alloys.
Research ExpertiseHigh resolution electron backscatter diffraction (HR-EBSD); mechanical testing; microstructural evolution.
 Further links:Imperial People Page
Research Project Page
Engineering Alloys Group
Rolls-Royce Nuclear UTC
 ContactEmail: v.tong13@imperial
Twitter: @vt_vivian1

Post Graduate Students:

Giorgio Sernicola

Diploma di Laurea Magistrale, Napels.

PhD Candidate

Giorgio focuses on understanding failure and performance metallic/ceramic composites for cutting applications. He is particularly interested in developing new techniques for local fracture toughness measurement using micromechanical testing. This work is complemented through characterisation of residual stress in polycrystalline diamond-metallic composites subject to differing processing conditions. This work will improve the performance of very high performance cutting tools, such as deep well drill bits.
Research ExpertiseMicromechanical testing; residual stress; high resolution electron backscatter diffraction (HR-EBSD); diamond.
 Co-supervisor(s):Dr Finn Giuliani
 Further links:Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics
Engineering Alloys Group
 Contact Email: g.sernicola13@imperial

Suki Adande

MEng Imperial

PhD Candidate

Suki focuses on understanding the performance of metallic composite materials and coatings for use in aeroengine turbines. He is developing understanding of very high spatial resolution mechanical tests of multicomponent microstructures with a view to informing fundamental microstructure-mechanical property relationships for use in crystal plasticity finite element models.

Research ExpertiseMicromechanical testing; coating systems; nickel alloys.
 Further links:Engineering Alloys Group
 Contact Email: suki.adande07@imperial

William White

PhD Candidate

William focusses on understanding the consequences of hydrogen on the micromechanics of steels, particular for energy storage applications. He is developing dislocation dynamics models to understand solute-dislocation interactions.
Research ExpertiseDislocation dynamics
 Co-supervisor(s):Daniel Balint
 Further links:Engineering Alloys Group
 Contact Email: william.white14@imperial

Tianhong Gu

PhD Candidate

Tianhong is developing new in-situ approaches to understand deformation and failure of solder materials, used in microelectronic devices.
Research ExpertiseIn-situ SEM, EBSD, creep testing, lead free solders
 Co-supervisor(s):Chris Gourlay
 Further links:Engineering Alloys Group
 ContactEmail:     t.gu15@imperial
Twitter: @gth92

Simon Wyatt

PhD Candidate

Simon is developing new understanding of micromechanical deformation and texture evolution of two phase (hexagonal + body centred cubic) alloys, which are commonly used in aerospace and nuclear industries. This work is achieved through the combination of crystal plasticity FFT modelling, electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) and neutron diffraction experiments. Simon is a user of DAMASK and is developing code to be included in a future release.
Research Expertisefast Fourier transform based crystal plasticity modelling; texture; residual stress
 Further links:Engineering Alloys Group
 ContactEmail: s.wyatt15@imperial
Twitter: @SimonWyatt1

Jim Hickey

PhD Candidate

Jim is focussing on sour gass - high strength steel interactions for oil&gas applications. Our particular focus is on developing fundamental understanding of the combined effects of chemistry, microstructure and stress on failure of steels with a hope of developing understanding towards the introduction of new steel alloys.
Research Expertiseresidual stress; EBSD; H2S; hydrogen charging; high strength steels
 Co-supervisor(s):Mary Ryan
 Further links:Engineering Alloys Group
 Contact Email: james.hickey09@imperial

Alex Foden

PhD Candidate

Alex is focussing on developing new HR-EBSD approaches for improved microstructural characterisation.

Research ExpertiseHigh resolution electron backscatter diffraction (HR-EBSD); image analysis
 OrcID     0000-0002-7007-3956
 Further links:Research Project Page
Engineering Alloys Group
 ContactEmail: a.foden16@imperial

Siyang Wang

MSc Imperial

PhD Candidate

Siyang is focussing on understanding the micromechanics of zirconium and zirconium hydrides.

Research ExpertiseHigh resolution electron backscatter diffraction (HR-EBSD)
 Co-supervisor(s):Finn Giuliani
 Further links:Research Project Page
Engineering Alloys Group
 ContactEmail: siyang.wang15@imperial


Dafni Daskalaki Mountanou

MSc Imperial
PhD Candidate

Dafni is focussing on understanding stress relexation cracking in Ni-based alloys.

Research ExpertiseMetallography, high temperature materials
 Co-supervisor(s):Mary Ryan
 Further links:Research Project Page
Engineering Alloys Group
 ContactEmail: dafni.daskalaki-mountanou15@imperial

Xingping Fan

Xinping Fan

MEng Materials, Imperial College London
PhD Candidate

Xinping is focussing on strain partitioning in dual phase titanium alloys for aerospace applications.

Research ExpertiseMetallography, titanium alloys
 Co-supervisor(s):Fionn Dunne
 Further links:
Engineering Alloys Group
 ContactEmail: xingping.fan13@imperial

Tom McAuliffe

MSci (Cambridge)
PhD candidate

This project investigates deformation mechanisms to aid development of novel Co/NI-based dual phase polycrystalline superalloys for use in jet engines, in collaboration with Rolls-Royce. Grain boundary sliding and microstructural changes will be studied using EBSD, SEM and DIC. This will be combined with dislocation / stacking fault TEM analysis of the effects of stress, temperature and composition.

Research ExpertiseMetallography, image analysis, microscopy, deformation
 Co-supervisor(s):David Dye
 Further links:
Engineering Alloys Group
 ContactEmail: t.mcauliffe17@imperial

Undergraduate / Masters Researchers

MEng in Materials Science:

Danny Chan (2016-2017)
Danny focused on understanding the role of blocky alpha in zirconium alloys

Yi Qiu (2015-2016) - now a PhD student in Brunel
Yi focused on developing virtual microstructures for FFT based simulations and understanding property bounds.

Leanne Johnstone (2014-2015) - now working for Rolls-Royce.
Leanne focused on understanding delayed hydride cracking in zirconium alloys though controlled atmosphere mechanical testing and electrochemical hydriding techniques.

Maximilian Schleupen (2014-2015, Aachen ERASMUS) - now a PhD student in Aachen
Max focused on understanding deformation in polycrystalline materials with elasto-viscoplastic fast crystal plasticity solvers based upon the fast Fourier transform (FFT) spectral solver.

Yannick Naunheim (2013-2014, Aachen ERASMUS) - now a PhD student in MPIE, Dusseldorf
Yannick focused on understanding deformation in polycrystalline materials with a viscoplastic fast crystal plasticity solvers based upon the fast Fourier transform (FFT) spectral solver.

MSc in Advanced Nuclear Engineering:

Ruth Birch (2017)
Ruth focuses on understanding hydrides in zirconium alloys.

Monojit Roy (2016)
Monojit focused on characterising machine damage in advanced metallic alloys using HR-EBSD

William White (2015) - Now a PhD student in the group
William focused on understanding of solute-dislocation interactions in steels using dislocation dynamics models.

Robert Vale - hosted at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (2015)
Robert focused on understanding of hydrogen storage in fusion reactor engineering components.

MSc in Advanced Materials:

Jiahui Dong (2017)
Jiahui is focused on DIC methods for high resolution strain analysis

Rocco D'agostino (2017)
Rocco is developing methods to refine microstructure in two phase Zr alloys

Siyang Wang (2016) - now PhD student in group
Siyang focused on understanding the deformation of hydrides in zirconium alloys

Qinmeng Luan (2016) - now PhD student with Dr Jiang
Qinmeng focused on understanding the macroscopic strain rate sensitivity of Ti alloys

Tianhan Zhang (2015)
Tianhan started developing an approach to fabricate nanostructured metallic materials through accumulated roll-bonding.

BEng in Materials Science:

Grey Chen (2016-2017)
Grey worked on creep testing of lead free solders

Chaoyi Zhu (2014-2015)
Chaoyi focussed on developing an improved understanding of high resolution electron backscatter data, particular with respect to lattice curvature.

Group Photos

Group lunch (10/06/2016)

From left to right: Simon, Suki, Yi, Tianhong, Solene, Qinmeng, Siyang, Jim, Monojit, Giorgio, Vivian and Ben
(William and Terry were away)

Group lunch (11/08/2017)
From left to right: Rocco, Ruth, Vivian, Jim, Josie, Simon, Giorgio, Tianhong, Siyang, Alex and Ben
(Suki and William were away)